How it Works

IBE is passionate that donors be allowed to redirect their Arizona state tax dollars in support of private school education. We allow donors to donate and recommend a private school; or a student attending private school; or IBE Most Needed Fund. Regardless of what scholarship fund you choose to recommend, rest assured your donation will help support a child attending the school that best meets their unique needs!

Donors may contribute at any time throughout the tax year to IBE. Donations may be made in full (see below chart) or may be made in smaller increments at the donor’s discretion.

Two scholarship programs may contributed to: the Original Individual scholarship program and the PLUS/Switcher scholarship program.

Any child enrolled in private school, grades K-12 or a disabled preschooler qualifies for the Original Individual program. To qualify for the PLUS program a child must meet at least one the criteria listed here

Original Individual PLUS
2020 Single filers maximum donation: $593
2020 Married filing jointly maximum donation: $1,186
2020 Single filers maximum donation: $590
2020 Married filing jointly maximum donation: $1,179

By law, you may only donate to PLUS if you have fulfilled your Original donation for that tax year.

After making their donation, if registered, a donor may immediately print their tax credit receipt. If not registered, a tax credit receipt will be postal mailed out no later than January 31st. The donor either provides that receipt to their accountant or, if completing their own taxes, includes the donation given on their AZ form 140 when filing their state taxes.

The forms needed to claim the credit are AZ form 301 (used for any Arizona state tax credit), AZ form 323 (to claim Original donation credits) and AZ form 348 (to claim PLUS donation credits).

The donation given to IBE reduces the donor’s Arizona state tax liability by that amount, not to exceed the maximum amount allowed, listed in the donation chart above. The credit will either reduce the amount you would expect to owe the state or increase the expected refund. For examples on how the donation works, please click here.

IBE accepts debit or credit card payment over the phone or online at; check or debit/credit card through the mail or all forms of payment in office.

Want to contribute the full amount but can’t afford to give it all at once? Donors may also elect to be a monthly donor through IBE or donate through their AZ state tax withholdings. Call our office at (520) 512-5438 for more information.