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Forms & Publications

Printable Donation

You can find a copy of our printable donation form here.

Monthly Donations

You can elect to be a monthly donor with IBE! IBE will auto-debit your checking or charge a credit card for the amount of your choosing the 22nd of each month. You can find a copy of our monthly donation form here.

When filling out your monthly donation form, please consider the following:
  • Make sure you have finished your monthly donations for the tax year prior to your appointment with your tax preparer;
  • Take the total amount you would like to donate and divide it by the number of months remaining for your donation time period;
  • We will be applying your total monthly donation to the Individual program first and then any remaining monthly donations will be applied to the Plus program.

Through State Tax Credit Withholdings

You can, at your employers agreement, choose to donate through your payroll state tax withholdings. An example of how donating through state tax withholdings works is: If you are paid twice each month and have $50 withheld in state taxes - that equals $1,200 per year ($50 x 2 paychecks x 12 months).  Let's assume that the $1,200 is your total state tax obligation.  Let's say that you want $1,000 (your married filing jointly limit) of that $1,200 to go to IBE.  You would authorize your employer to reduce your withholding from $50 per pay period to $8.30 (24 pay periods x $41.70=$1,000 and $50 per paycheck-$41.70=$8.30).  Then  your employer would send the state $8.30 and send IBE $41.70.  You wouldn't experience any difference in your take home pay at all!
The necessary forms to participate in donating through state tax withholdings are the A1C, A4C, and the withholding application (returned to IBE).

Tax Forms

Tax forms for claiming your donation:
AZ Form 301 – used for claiming (any and all) state tax credits
AZ Form 323 – used when claiming a credit under the Original program
AZ Form 348 – used when claiming a credit made under the PLUS program