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Sample Solicitation Letter

August / December / February / April (historically, the best months to ask)

Dear Friends and Family,

We hope this letter finds you well! This calendar year has been an especially busy one and we are surprised to find it almost over! The kids spent last school year at ***** finding their place and getting to know the wonderful families and teachers there. Both of them finished strong with ***** winning art accolades and ***** staying on the Honor Roll the entire year. The amazing experience we have had at **** has calmed our hearts and fears about moving schools. We are excited that they are able to continue their studies, relationships, and experiences there this school year as well.

Finding the right school for our children does not come without challenges, especially financial ones. We’ve been blessed to keep two kids in private school with the help of tax credit scholarships from the Institute for Better Education (IBE). The tax credit scholarships come from donors that receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for their donation. This program is such a great opportunity for donors to redirect their state taxes while benefiting a child in private school! With IBE, you can even recommend your donation go towards our children! We would like to ask you to prayerfully consider recommending your tax credits to ***** and ***** to help them continue to receive a great education in a loving environment. If you have been a past donor for our children, we are so grateful! We could not do this without you!

If you are unfamiliar with the program, Arizona allows a taxpayer to make a recommended donation to a school tuition organization, such as IBE, and claim the donation on your taxes for a dollar-for-dollar tax credit towards your state tax liability. Here is the simple math:

  • If you don’t donate and your liability is $500 (AZ form 140, line 48): You pay $500 throughout the year in your paycheck and when you file your taxes, you owe nothing.
  • If you make a $500 recommended donation and your liability is $500 (AZ form 140, line 48): You still pay $500 throughout the year in your paycheck and when you file your taxes, your $500 donation will be credited to your $500 liability and you will be refunded the $500 you paid in your paycheck!

You read correctly, Arizona uses your IBE donation as a payment to your state tax liability! You may even be able to claim it as a federal deduction if you itemize (check with your accountant). Our family then can receive a scholarship for our school tuition from your recommended donation, allowing our kids to continue to thrive at this amazing school! There are many ways to donate your tax credits: I have included a pre-stamped envelope that you can mail to IBE with a check or credit card number, you can donate on the IBE website, www.ibescholarships.org, or you can give your donation directly over the phone at (520) 512-5438. Please note that IBE cannot release donor names, so if you donate, please let me know so that my children can send a thank you card!

Thanks for considering our request. You get a dollar-for-dollar credit on your Arizona taxes and we get to keep **** and ***** at a school they love! We appreciate you so much!

All our love and thanks,
The ***** Family